Features of Agreements

Scope of Agreement:-

The USP shall be solely responsible for provision and operation of necessary equipment and systems, treatment of subscriber complaints, collection of call charges and issue of receipt thereof, attending to claims and damages arising out of this operation.

Duration of Agreement:-

The Agreement shall be valid for a total period of 8 (Eight Years) from the effective dates unless revoked earlier for reasons as specified elsewhere in the document. The subsidy support shall be extended up to a maximum period for 5 (Five) years from the date the RCP is installed and made functional

Subsidy shall be paid proportionately for the total number of days RCPs remain faulty for more than seven days in a Quarter. Subsidy shall not be paid for the entire quarter if a RCP remain faulty for forty five days or more.

RCPs that register no incremental meter reading / calls or remain disconnected due to non-payment during the entire quarter shall not qualify for subsidy support for that quarter.

Location of RCPs:-

The USP may change the location of the RCPs to provide better access to the public within the geographical boundaries of the same village during the validity of the Agreement under intimation to the Administrator. No subsidy support towards relocation of RCP shall be payable to the USP

Roll Out:-

At least 20% of RCPs shall be provided during one year, minimum of 60% of RCPs shall be provided by the end of Second Year and the balance of RCPs shall be provided by the end of Four Years and Six Months from the effective date of Agreement. The RCPs provided in thirty calendar days of the expiry of the relevant period from the effective date the Administrator shall accept the services without levy of L.D. charges. The Liquidated damages @ 5% of Front Loaded Subsidy subject to a maximum of 10% of the FSL shall be recovered for the shortfall in providing the required number of RCPs by the end of IInd year and Four Years and Six Months respectively.